Experimental Application of Triple-Labeled Quantitative Autoradiography for Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow, Glucose Metabolism, and Protein Biosynthesis

  • G. Mies
  • W. Bodsch
  • W. Paschen
  • K.-A. Hossmann


During the past years autoradiographic techniques for measuring blood flow (Reivich et al. 1969; Sakurada et al. 1978) and metabolic activity (Sokoloff et al. 1977) have been of increasing interest in the study of various physiological and pathophysiological states. As long as the experimental procedure can be standardized, correlation of the different parameters is possible using single-label autoradiography, applied to different animals. However, considerable difficulties may be encountered when the parameters of interest change in an unpredictable way. In this case, simultaneous assessment of flow and metabolism in the same brain is a prerequisite for a meaningful evaluation.


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  • G. Mies
  • W. Bodsch
  • W. Paschen
  • K.-A. Hossmann

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