Therapeutic Embolization with Detachable Balloons

  • Robert I. WhiteJr.
  • Klemens H. Barth
  • Stephen L. Kaufman
  • Vincent DeCaprio
  • John D. Strandberg
Conference paper


In our first 18 months’ clinical experience with embolization in the chest and abdomen using detachable balloons, successful results were obtained in 34 of 38 patients. One and 2-mm detachable silicone balloons, which can occlude vessels 4-8 mm in diameter, were employed. Prolonged balloon inflation was routinely achieved using iso-osmotic iodipamide meglumine as the filler and limiting inflation volumes to experimentally determined maximums. Improvements in introducer catheter design simplified delivery of the balloon into a variety of circulations.

Detachable balloons are not suitable for all embolization purposes, and they are frequently used in conjunction with other agents. When used properly, balloons produce a permanent occlusion that is extremely selective and potentially reversible up to a certain point in the procedure. The balloon technique enables the angiographer to occlude vessels at distances of 2-10 mm beyond the introducer catheter, thus avoiding the need for subselective catheterization and minimizing the dangers of inadvertent embolization.

Key words

Balloon occlusion technique Embolism, therapeutic Catheters and catheterization Interventional radiology 


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