Theory-Nets Instead of Expanded Cores

  • Wolfgang Stegmüller


It is only those basic laws of a theory which hold in every intended application and, similarly, only the general constraints which are included in the core of a theory. Formally, a core K may be represented either as a quadruple K = 〈M p , M pp , M, C〉 or as a quintuple K = 〈M p , M pp , r, M, C〉 Here, M p , M pp , and M are the sets mentioned at the end of § 3; C is the set of constraints, i.e., a subset of the power set of M; and the restriction function r: M p M pp transforms an element of M p , i.e., a potential model, into an element of M pp , i.e., into a partial potential model, by ‘lopping off’ all theoretical functions. It depends on the particular aim and on the kind of analysis whether r is to be included into K or is, like the ‘application function’ A, to be introduced separately1.


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