Isothermal Calorimetric Studies on Human HDL Apolipoproteins

  • H. Peeters
  • M. Rosseneu
Conference paper


Isothermal calorimetry measures the enthalpy change involved in a chemical reaction. When adapted to the microscale, it quantitates the amount of millijoules associated at a given temperature with the mixing and reassembly of biochemicals, i.e., in our case an apoprotein solution and a phospholipid dispersion. The extent of reassembly and the complex composition can be derived from density gradient ultracentrifugation experiment performed in parallel with the microcalorimetric measurements (Rosseneu et al., 1974).


Enthalpy Change Titration Curve Isothermal Calorimetry Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation Potentiometric Titration Curve 
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  • H. Peeters
  • M. Rosseneu

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