Synthesis and Secretion of Plasma Lipoproteins and Apo-Lipoproteins

  • Richard J. Havel
  • Robert L. Hamilton
Conference paper


Research during the past 20 years has shown that the plasma lipoproteins are synthesized in parenchymal cells of the liver and absorptive cells of the small intesteine. In the past 10 years, the structure of these macromolecular aggregates and the identification of their individual apoproteins have been the subject of increasing attention. However, the mechanism by which lipoproteins are assembled and the respective importance of the liver and intestine in the secretion of the individual apoprotein components remain largely unknown. Here we will summarize research in our laboratories 1 dealing with these questions in the rat and relate our findings to the situation in humans.


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  • Richard J. Havel
  • Robert L. Hamilton

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