The infundibular CSF contacting neurons (“Liquorkontaktneurone”) of different classes of vertebrates were studied by light and electron microscopy. We found CSF contacting neuronal structures in several infundibular nuclei: in the periventricular hypothalamic nucleus, in the nucleus lateralis tuberis and in the vascular sac of fishes, in the infundibular lobe of amphibians, in the infundibular nucleus of reptiles and birds as well as in the infundibular (arcuate) nucleus of mammals. These CSF contacting elements include intraventricular dendritic ter-minals of the CSF contacting neurons and intraventricular axons, both forming the infundibular part of the “CSF contacting neuronal system”.


Basal Lamina AChE Reaction Nucleus Lateralis Tuberis Infundibular Recess Granulate Vesicle 
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