On Controlled and Totally Neural-Replies Generated Concepts for Biology and Functional Brain Theory

  • D. L. Szekely
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The control of concepts and conceptual coherence in biology and functional brain theory has to be extended by dimensional analysis. Controlled concepts have to be applied within closed and verifiable methodological circuits. Dimensional analysis has to be extended to various of its identity cases. The generalizing extension requires a new logic having a heterogeneously interpreted categorization of physical basic domains as its foundation. Central to this logic is the concept of heterogeneous coordinative relation. The scheme of this relation generates a physical neuron and a physically generalized Turing machine. The theory of the total reduction to a single physical ultimate demonstrates how physically important scientific key concepts are to be generated: either by a physically back-connected neuron or by the physically generalized Turing machine. As the human brain applies physical neurons by means of the above mentioned method concept generation and transformation can be simulated: but also the concept generating possibilities of the human brain can be optimized and the process of programming brain-like systems can be explained.


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