Recent Developments in the Therapeutical Application of Gestagens


A survey is given of recent developments in the field of the therapeutical application of progestagens. Introductory remarks deal with the chemical structure, the profile of actions and the non-endocrine side effects of progestational agents. It is emphasized that the systemic actions of progestagens on skin, connective tissue, skeleton, blood clotting, vascular system, psyche etc. are poorly understood at present and need further elucidation.

With regard to the clinical application of progestagens, some new indications outside the gynecological and obstetrical speciality, i.e. hormone-dependent tumours, pubertas praecox, migraine and dermatosclerosis, are reported.

Recent progress in hormonal contraception with progestagens alone is the main topic of the review. For introductory information, some basic aspects concerning the influence of progestational agents on the endocrinology of the menstrual cycle in dependence on timing and dosage of the application are discussed. Special attention is paid to the contraceptive action of continuous low doses of progestagens both from the theoretical and clinical point of view. Some recent advances in the field of contraception such as long-acting injections of depot-preparations, subdermal implants of progestagen-containing silastic capsules, intrauterine, intracervical and intra-vaginal devices with progestagen fillings and the postcoital intake of progestational agents in low doses are also mentioned.


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