Oestrogenaktivität von 17α-Oestradiol, Equilin, Equilenin und ihren Sulfokonjugaten im Tierversuch und beim Menschen

  • Ch. Lauritzen
Part of the Oestrogene Hypophysentumoren book series (ENDOKRINOLOGIE, volume 15)

Estrogenic Activity of 17α-Estradiol, Equilin, Equilenin and Their S unconjugates in Experimental Animals and in Man


Oestrone sulfate and Equilin sulfate, main components of the pregnant mare urines conjugated oestrogens, are oral highly active in different biological tests. In contrast Equilenin, its sulfate and 17α-Oestradiol are weak compounds. In the human the oral dose for the proliferation of an atrophic endometrium is 30 mg for Oestrone sulfate, 30 mg for Equilin sulfate. 17α-Oestradiol was ineffective in doses up to 70 mg. The effect on vaginal smear, cervical mucus and gonadotropin excretion corresponded to the oestrogenic activity.


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