Culture of unicellular algae. Manometric techniques for measuring photosynthesis

  • Jack Myers
Part of the Handbuch der Pflanzenphysiologie / Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology book series (532, volume 5)


In 1919 Warburg introduced to the study of photosynthesis a new method of measurement of gas exchange and a new experimental material, the green alga Chlorella. The sensitivity, precision, and versatility of the manometric method has led to general use with modification for special problems. Chlorella has proved to be an excellent experimental organism: it is rich in photosynthetic machinery and can be grown readily in the laboratory under conditions subject to precise control. In the course of time other algae with special pigments or metabolic or nutritional characteristics have been used to attack certain portions of the photosynthesis problem. The present section is concerned with the methodology of algal culture and manometric measurement. However, it is desirable to examine first some important considerations of comparative physiology.


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