Low Power Laser Treatment for Dermatological Conditions and Tropical Diseases

  • A. Makk
  • E. Makk
Conference paper


After 15 years of medical practice in Europe, we have been appointed by “Technical Aid for developing countries” to Ethiopia in 1969. Since that time, working 6 years in Ethiopia and 14 years in the Middle East we have gained certain experience in tropical pathology. It seems that the tropical medicine is the medicine of the poor people independently of the geographic area and climate conditions and it will change our strategy. A study by WHO maintains, “The best vaccine against common infectious diseases is an adequate diet”. We have to add that clean drinking water, good sanitary conditions, low cost houses and an effective birth control programme are better prevention against disease than vaccination which is offering only a short term and uncertain protection and in some cases even spreading the disease.


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  • E. Makk
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