• M. C. Böhm
Part of the Lecture Notes in Chemistry book series (LNC, volume 45)


It has been the scope of this lecture note to analyze typical electronic structure effects in a new class of one-dimensional molecular conductors and semiconductors; i.e. organometallic solids formed by transition-metal atoms which are embedded in a matrix of (macrocyclic) organic ligands. The chemical flexibility realized in the formal molecular repeat-units allows, at least potentially, for the design of 1D materials with chemical and physical properties which cover a broad spectrum. One motivation for the recent experimental effort is the potential formation of high-mobility charge carriers upon doping (i.e. partial oxidation or reduction). In the author’s opinion this topic (i.e. preparation of highly conducting materials; potential technical applications, etc.) is perhaps overemphasized. Such a “false assessment” can be only explained in terms of efforts at financial support, research grants, etc. The present lecture note had been planned as a general contribution to one rather modern research direction in solid—state chemistry. It should be one of the principal scopes of this discipline to understand those chemical and physical phenomena in low—dimensional materials that are not the result of intramolecular interactions but are determined by the cooperation between molecular building-blocks.


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