The 1D Band Structure of Tetrathiotetracene

  • M. C. Böhm
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The analysis in the foregoing sections has shown that most of the organometallic systems belong to the class of the organic metals upon partial electron removal; the transfer paths are ligand-centered. In this section we discuss tetrathiotetracene, TTT, as its solid-state properties are comparable to those of low-dimensional organometallic 1D systems with ligand-centered charge-transfer channels. TTT is schematized in fig. IV.24 where also the stacking pattern is displayed. The angle between the mean molecular plane and the 1D direction differs from 90° (i.e. 41.9°). TTT has been studied in several experimental contributions [IV.102–1V.105]; for a semiempirical tight-binding analysis see [IV.106].


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