Confidentiality Problems in the Federal Republic of Germany

  • G. Wagner
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 25)


In almost all western democracies the idea has gained more and more ground during the last twenty years that the citizen’s personal data are in need of increased protection in view of the practically unlimited possibilities offered by the computer in setting up and working with the most extensive databases. This development also has considerable impact on research inasmuch as the latter depends upon work with personal data. The fact that the understanding of jurists of the scope and necessity of data protection frequently differs greatly from the requirements of the medical researcher (e.g., the epidemiologist) has in the past led to innumerable discussions, reflected in unpleasant articles in the press which, among other things, spoke about “giant data collections at the cost of the patient”, about “ferocious epidemiologists” and of “cancer patients whose data was to be turned into cash” (13). One of the rare examples to the contrary is the article in the New Statesman of 3 March 1967 with the caustic title “To Hell with Medical Secrecy”.


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