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History of Catalysis in Coal Liquefaction

  • E. E. Donath
Part of the CATALYSIS — Science and Technology book series (CATALYSIS, volume 3)


This chapter is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Matthias Pier. The work covered herein was conducted to a great part in his department at Ludwigshafen under his inspiring guidance. Coal liquefaction is now recognized as a process of immense future significance for the production of alternative liquid fuels and chemical feedstocks. It is a process with a long technical history, and it is important for those currently working in the field to have an opportunity of seeing at least the catalytic component from an historical viewpoint. This chapter summarizes the industrial experience in direct coal hydrogenation up to the end of the second World War, with most attention being paid to the German experience since it was in this country where the process was most fully developed.


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