Data Reliability in Large Data Bases

  • Ernst Risan
  • Hartvig Opsjon
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 16)


This study of data reliability is based on the creation of a 2.1 million records data file at the National Mass Radiography Service of Norway. Redundant information about 106.228 persons in the file gave an opportunity to study error situations and error rates in a medical information system.

Assigning data to wrong persons was estimated to occur in less than 0.05% of the cases. Errors in data elements that did not serve as identificators were also studied. Height and weight errors in the file were mainly due to misreading of handwrittten figures in the punching operation.

The paper ends with a discussion of error liability and its consequencies for medical systems.


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  • Ernst Risan
    • 1
  • Hartvig Opsjon
    • 2
  1. 1.National Mass Radiography ServiceOslo 1Norway
  2. 2.Unit for Health Services Research Plans and Systems DepartmentNational Institute of Public HealthOslo 1Norway

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