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The applications of operations research to health care have not been limited to administrative and planning aspects, but have also been employed to study the process of medicine itself. Included in this section is a range of articles from those dealing with the efficacy of screening tests and the scheduling of those examinations, to ones which are concerned with the entire medical management of the patient. Omitted as out of the scope of this review are mathematical models of disease processes or human physiological systems;1) this area is large and could well be the subject of another review.


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  1. 1).
    As a single example of such an article see Shachtman, R.H. and Hogue, C.J., “Markov Chain Model for Events Following Induced Abortion,” Opns. Res. 24:916–932 (1976).Google Scholar
  2. 1).
    )A review of this literature may be found in Lusted, L.B., Introduction to Medical Decision Making Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill.. (1968).Google Scholar

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