Models, Information Systems, and the Management of Health Care Organizations

  • G. A. Gorry
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 1)


Concern that the health care system as currently constituted is incapable of adequately serving the needs of society has motivated a reappraisal of existing organizational forms and functions and a search for new, more effective configurations of services. Attention has been focused on innovations such as health teams, group practice, prepayment, and taking health services out to the community. In some cases, the fruits of these efforts are already apparent in neighborhood health centers, reorganized ambulatory care systems, and health maintenance organizations. Experiments are underway to evaluate the effectiveness of such organizations, and although such experiments are fraught with many difficulties and definitive results have yet to be obtained, it is apparent that variants of such organizations will play an important role within the health care system of the near future. Although the general role of such organizations is predictable, the precise shape they will take and the policies which will govern them are less clear. Even if a clear picture were available, there would remain the difficult task of altering organizational structures with a minimum of trauma to the system.


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