Etude Morphologique des Fibres Conjonctives sur Biopsies ou Pieces Operatoires

  • J. Mignot
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Biomathematics book series (LNBM, volume 23)


The morphological study of tissues under th light microscope is confined basically to two types of structures: the cells, which are usually well-defined convex structures characterized by their cytoplasm and nucleus,and the intercellular structures, consisting of connective tissue fibers which usually form complex interconnected network.

Alterations in these fibrillar structures may provide important information on abnormal tissues,but such structures are very difficult to define and classify by visual examination.

We have attempted to apply the simplest possible morphometric methods as an objective aid to study of these structures. The most basic is measurement of connective tissue volume fraction [v], but this method is inadequate when it comes to defining alterations in patterns characteristic of certain disease states.

Information must be obtained on alterations in distribution of fibrillar components for hostological structures of varying siez-scale. To achieve this,we are presently attempting to take account of the variance 2[v], and,generally speaking, the entire histogram f[v] of the volume fraction. These depend of the size of the support s (of the small elementary zone] vhich defines this volume fraction.

This leads to my question: are there any methods or models capable of interpreting variations in 2s[V] et fs[v] when the support s incrases or decreases ?


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