Natural Selection and the α-GPDH Locus in Drosophilidae

  • Seppo Lakovaara
  • Anssi Saura
  • Pekka Lankinen
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The approximate amount of variability at the gene level has now been known for about ten years. This knowledge is mainly based on the technique of gel electrophoresis of proteins and of enzymes in particular. It has been difficult, however, to demonstrate an unequivocal correlation between the physiological function of an enzyme and its elec-trophoretically detectable variants. Once a physiological difference has been established, it may be assumed to have an influence on the adaptive norm of an individual. There are, however, numerous difficulties with this approach. E.g. the substitution of a single amino acid for another may be thought to have an infinitesimally small effect on the total function of the enzyme molecule and the fitness of its bearer.


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  • Anssi Saura
  • Pekka Lankinen

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