Ribosomes and Thyroid Hormones

  • J. R. Tata
Conference paper
Part of the 18. Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Physiologische Chemie Vom 5. bis 8. April 1967 in Mosbach/Baden book series (MOSBACH, volume 18)


Thyroid hormones are a good example of the shift in emphasis that has taken place in the last five years in work on the action of hormones. Until a few years ago, most hormones were considered to act by modifying the rates of enzymes directly concerned with the ultimate biological effects (Tepperman and Tepperman, 1960), whereas it is now accepted that hormones may act by controlling the synthesis of specific cell constituents. My own feeling is that the same hormone at different doses or in different systems can act in many different ways. This is certainly true of thyroid hormones which have an immediate catabolic or toxic effect by acting at the level of mitochondria but also have a slow action under other conditions in which they control the rate of synthesis of specific constituents. It is this action of thyroid hormones which is manifested in growth and development of the target cell that I shall be dealing with in this paper.


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