Theory of Incompressible Simple Fluids

  • Bernard D. Coleman
  • Hershel Markovitz
  • Walter Noll
Part of the Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy book series (STPHI, volume 5)


The mechanics of continuous media is concerned with the motion and deformation of bodies. A body consists of material points X, which in the course of a motion change their position in space. Let x be the position in Euclidean space of the material point X at time t, which we interpret as the present time. Suppose that at time τ, say τt, this same material point X occupied the position ξ in . For the dependence of ξ on x, t,and τ, we write
$$\xi ={{\chi }_{t}}(x,\tau ). $$


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    • Hershel Markovitz
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