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Leipzig-East Regional Project

  • Ekhart Hahn


Responses to the ecological, social and economic crises of the modern city are developed and tested in this regional project. Special attention is given to the relationship between the city and surrounding countryside. The foundation of this model project consists of 12 individual projects that began in the politically dynamic years between 1989 and 1991. These efforts are generally characterised by a close co-operation between citizen initiatives and city administration, and instead of following the standard urban design practices have established sustainability as a primary objective. The themes of the various projects range from ecological agriculture and neighbourhood development, to the creation of an ecological-cultural centre as a forum for public activities. Overall the project is guided by three principles, organised in three project areas (Fig. 1).


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  1. Hahn E, LaFond M (1997) Local Agenda 21 and Ecological Restructuring. A European Model Project in Leipzig. Science Centre Berlin, WZB papers FS II: 97–408Google Scholar

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