Perivascular Nerves in Human Cerebral and Temporal Arteries Contain Neuropeptide Y, Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide, and Substance P

  • L. Edvinsson
  • R. Uddman
  • P. Tfelt-Hansen
  • J. Olesen
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Constriction and dilatation of intra- and extracranial blood vessels are two well-known observations in conjunction with various types of headache [1]. A number of vasoactive agents have been implicated but none proven to be solely responsible for the effects noted. Traditionally, only sympathetic perivascular fibres have been considered to be of importance. With the introduction of immunocytochemical techniques, several peptides have been demonstrated in nerve fibres around various vascular beds, suggesting them as candidates for the modulation of vasomotor tonus.


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  • L. Edvinsson
  • R. Uddman
  • P. Tfelt-Hansen
  • J. Olesen

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