Oscillations with Zero Mean

  • Demetri P. Telionis
Part of the Springer Series in Computational Physics book series (SCIENTCOMP)


To many fluid dynamicists the term “oscillation” and perhaps the term “fluctuation” usually imply the random unsteady motion found in turbulence. In this monograph we shall reserve these terms for unsteady periodic motions, generated externally by virtue of some imposed disturbing mechanism. Such disturbances can be generated by fluctuation of the solid boundaries themselves or unsteadiness contained in the free stream. In this and the next chapter, we examine the mathematical models that describe the response of viscous laminar flows to such external disturbances. Unsteadiness appears mathematically in the boundary and initial conditions. The development therefore is totally foreign to the study of hydrodynamic instabilities and their eventual conversion to turbulence, phenomena that are generated and sustained with almost no external interference.


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