Intertidal Sediments from the South Shore of Cobequid Bay, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • R. John Knight
  • Robert W. Dalrymple


The deposits described here are located along the south shore of Cobequid Bay (Fig. 6-1), the eastermost extension of the Minas Basin between Burncoat Head and Salter Head, Nova Scotia (lat. 45°20‱ N; long. 63°30‱ W to 63º45‱ W) (Pelletier and McMullen, 1972). Comparable environments occur to the west along the south shore at Walton (Swift and McMullen, 1968) and further west along the north side of Minas Basin at Economy Point and Five Islands (Klein, 1970).


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  • R. John Knight
  • Robert W. Dalrymple

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