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Intertidal and Supratidal Deposits Within Isolated Upper Devonian Buildups, Alberta

  • Eric W. Mountjoy


Limestones with excellent intertidal features, including fenestral fabrics (Tebbutt et al., 1965; Choquette and Pray, 1970), occur in poorly developed cycles in the interior of many of the isolated Upper Devonian carbonate buildups (geologic reefs) of western Canada. Two representative buildups are Miette (in Rocky Mountains) long. 117º40′ W and lat. 53°03′ N (Fig. 44-1) and Golden Spike (oil-bearing, subsurface) long. 113°50′ W and lat. 53º28′ N (Tp5l, R27, W4, Fig. 44-2).


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