Tidal Deposits, Mont Saint-Michel Bay, France

  • Claude Larsonneur


The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is deep inside the gulf of Saint-Malo in the western part of the English Channel, between Brittany and the Cotentin Peninsula (Fig. 3-1B). It constitutes a wide-open basin slanting regularly toward the northwest and opening on to the sea along a distance of 20 km, between the Pointe du Grouin and the cliffs of Carolles. The elegant outline of Mont Saint-Michel towers above the bay, which is characterized by an exceedingly wide beach (up to 15 km) furrowed by a shifting dendritic pattern of channels at low tide. Toward the south, it merges into some low coastal lands reclaimed from the sea and now cultivated: the Dol marshes, the polders of Mont Saint-Michel (Fig. 3-1D).


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