Determination of the Fricke G-Value for 30 MeV Electrons with the Use of a Calorimetric Technique

  • Gunnar Hettinger
  • C. Pettersson
Conference paper


When measuring doses from high energy electrons beams in units of rad the ferrous sulphate dosimeter has turned out to be very useful. As the dosimeter solution and its container can be made very nearly equivalent to water, they introduce only a small perturbation in the electron field at that point in a water phantom where the dose is to be measured. It is true that the Fricke dosimeter has only a slow response, but on the other hand, it has a very good reproducibility and its energy dependence is probably inconsiderable in this energy range.


Ferrous Sulphate Lithium Fluoride Integral Dose Calorimetric Technique High Energy Electron Beam 
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  • C. Pettersson

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