The Agustina Mine, a Volcanic-Hosted Copper Deposit in Northern Chile

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The Agustina copper sulfide mine (27°30′S, 70°15′W) is located about 800 km north of Santiago at the southern border of the Atacama desert. It is situated on the southwest margin of the valley of the Copiapó River, 18 km SSE of the city of Copiapó in the Punta del Cobre mining district (Fig. 1). A number of small and medium-sized copper deposits are found in the region. Early mining in the district commenced following the discovery of gold. In the 18th century, the area became famous for its silver-rich deposits; however, today it is better known as a copper-producing area. The Agustina copper deposit, which has been worked since the 17th century, was acquired by the Companía Minera Agustina in 1864 (now Companía Minera Carola).


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