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The Metals Research Image Analysing Computer

  • Colin Fisher


The Quantimet is the first internationally accepted image analysis instrument and makes all the measurements necessary for stereological problems including Surface area, Intersect counts, Chord size distribution, form factors etc. The complete self contained system makes 30 measurements on each field of view resolving 100,000 picture points at a speed of 1 field of view per second. All measurements can be pre-programmed to be printed, displayed electronically or recorded on punced paper tape. The selection of fields of view over the specimen is also pre-programmed for anything up to 1/2 a million fields over a very wide renge of patterns up to 1″ × 2″. Successful applications include research and production assessment of non-metallic inclusions in metals, grain size deteminations, carbide segregation assessment, grain size and porosity of ceramics, bricks and sintered materials, soil sample assessment, particle size analyses, biological and medical cell population studies, bacteria colong counts, particle track photograph analysis, autoradiograph investigation and many X-ray and electron microscope photography applications.


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