Advances in Ion Probes A-DIDA

  • H. Frenzel
  • J. L. Maul
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 19)


The basic concept of the ION PROBES A-DIDA was set up 10 years ago. While the basic concept proved to be highly successful, a number of advances in the A-DIDA design features could be introduced since the SIMS II conference, which considerably improved the analytical capability of the ION PROBES A-DIDA. The basic concept of the ION PROBES A-DIDA has already been described elsewhere [1,2]. Different to the horizontal configuration of the A-DIDA 2000 the new IONMICROPROBE A-DIDA 3000–30 is a vertical configuration, as commonly used in SEM design, with the primary ion beam coming from the top. The samples are mounted horizontally which allows running powder samples.


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  • J. L. Maul
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