Abdominal Exploration: Finding What Is Wrong

  • Moshe Schein


Not uncommonly, when opening the abdomen, the surgeon knows what to expect inside; the clinical picture and/or ancillary tests direct him onto the disease process (e.g. an acute appendicitis or obstructing sigmoid lesion). On many instances, however, he dips into the unknown, being warned only by the signs of peritoneal irritation, and assuming that the peritoneal cavity is flooded by blood or pus. Usually, the surgeon speculates about the predicted diagnosis but always remains ready for the un­expected. This is what makes emergency abdominal surgery so exciting and demanding: the ever looming surprises and the anxiety about whether you are able, or not, to tackle it competently.


Secondary Peritonitis Abdominal Exploration Ancillary Test Peritoneal Irritation Retroperitoneal Structure 
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