Dependability of Telecommunication Software

  • Lambert J. M. Nieuwenhuis
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NATO ASI F, volume 127)


During the last years, the use of real-time computing systems in vital applications has increased enormously and, probably, this development will continue in future. Due to these developments, possible failures of computing systems may cause fatal accidents or unacceptable social and environmental damage. Therefore, the dependability, i.e., the reliability and availability, of these computing systems is of great importance from both a social and economical point of view. Hence, scientists and engineers are confronted with the problem of designing and constructing highly dependable real-time computing systems. The scope of designing and constructing dependable systems is not limited to the physical components of such systems but includes the entire software life-cycle, i.e., the specification, design, construction, validation and verification of the system.


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