Incidence of Polyps and Carcinomas in the Colon and Rectum in Current Autopsy Material

  • K. Arakawa
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According to vital statistics in Japan, mortality rates for malignant neoplasms have been increasing gradually for the past 15 years. In cancer of the colon, the incidence of cancer death has increased 170 per cent in men and 150 per cent in women, and in cancer of the rectum 141 per cent in men and 144 per cent in women. The incidence of malignant neoplasms of the intestine (except the rectum) and of the rectum in Japan, Germany and United States in both sexes were compared to each other as shown in Table 1. In the case of the rectum, the differences between the incidences in the three countries were not so remarkable, but for the intestine, there were wide differences between them in both sexes. Many investigators emphasized that a polyp or an adenomatous polyp is the main precancerous factor in the gastrointestinal tract. If this theory is true, the incidence of polyp in the large bowel, especially in the colon, should be low in Japan.


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