Photodimerizations involving formation of eight-membered rings

  • Alexander Schönberg


Naphthalene has hitherto not been reported to undergo photodimeri-zation but, according to Bradshaw and Hammond [1], 2-methoxynaphtha-lene (1) dimerizes upon irradiation with ultraviolet light in a variety of solvents. Other naphthalenes carrying methyl, hydroxy, bromo or amino substituents in the 1- or 2-positions resist photodimerization as does also 1-methoxynaphthalene. The photodimer from 1 was regarded to have the structure of a 5,8,9,12-tetrahydro-2,14- or 2,15-dimethyl-l,4[1’,4’]naph-thalenonaphthalene (syn or anti, 2 or 3).


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