A Program for the Investigation of the Possible Chronic Hazards of Drugs

  • Philippe Shubik
Conference paper
Part of the UICC Monograph Series book series (UICC, volume 7)


A program of research into the possible chronic hazards, particularly carcinogenicity, of medicaments was begun this year in the Division of Oncology of The Chicago Medical School. This program is a collaborative one with the Field Studies Branch of the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health and has support for the first year of operation of a contract for * 1 million. It has resulted from the foresight and efforts of Drs. Kenneth Endicott and Paul Kotin. In essence, the program has been divided into two major equal segments. The first segment is devoted to the testing of various drugs in animals: the second to basic research in carcinogenesis. The research segment of the program is designed to assist in better testing of chemicals for carcinogenesis and to gain more insight into mechanisms of action to enable better evaluation of the results to be made.


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