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Megavoltage Irradiation in the Management of Malignant Ovarian Tumours

  • Luis Delclos
Conference paper
Part of the UICC Monograph Series book series (UICC, volume 11)


Most of the malignant tumours of the ovary spread diffusely throughout the abdominal cavity and along the lymphatics of the periaortic chain. An accurate preoperative diagnosis is rarely possible and the majority of cases are referred to the radiotherapist after, at least, an exploratory laparotomy. Seventy-five per cent of patients referred to this institution have had, before referral, surgical procedures ranging from complete removal of gross tumour to biopsy of generalized abdominal carcinomatosis. Additional surgery is performed after referral, depending on the individual patient under consideration.


Undifferentiated Carcinoma Tumour Dose Malignant Ovarian Tumour Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma Peritoneal Washing 
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  • Luis Delclos
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  1. 1.Department of Radiotherapy, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumour InstituteThe University of TexasHoustonUSA

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