NMR Relaxation and Water Contents in Normal Tissues and Cancer Cells

  • G. N. Ling
  • M. Tucker
Part of the NMR Basic Principles and Progress book series (NMR, volume 19)


Different nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation times for water protons in six normal rat tissues and three malignant tumors were reported by Damadian in 1971 [1]. He regarded the lower relaxation times in normal tissues (T1 and T2) as consistent with Ling’s theory of cell water [2–5], in which the bulk of cell water exists in a state of polarized multilayers. Damadian interpreted the slower relaxation times seen in cancer tissues as indicating a loosening up of the water structure of normal cells. (This had been suggested by Szent-Györgyi from a consideration of the difference in the patterns of metabolism between cancer cells and normal tissues [6].) At the time, investigators concurred with Damadian’s interpretation of the reason for the lengthening of relaxation times of the water protons in cancer cells [7–10]. However, alternative interpretations soon emerged.


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