Tuberculous Meningitis and Central Nervous System Tuberculosis

  • Erich Schmutzhard
  • Ulrich Roelcke
  • Thomas P. Bleck


Tuberculosis can affect almost any organ system in the body. It is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. bovis and is characterized histologically by granuloma formation. Tuberculosis remains a major health problem and affects half the world’s population, with an estimated 10 million new cases per year. In industrialized countries, tuberculosis occurs mainly among the poor, such as in drug addicts and in immigrants from developing countries. Although there was a steady decrease in the incidence of tuberculosis over the past century, the number of reported cases has dramatically increased in the past decade, most likely because of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The incidence of multiple-drug-resistant M. tuberculosis infection is also increasing.


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  • Ulrich Roelcke
  • Thomas P. Bleck

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