Prediction of Elastic-Plastic Wave Profiles in Aluminum 1060-0 Under Uniaxial Strain Loading

  • A. H. Jones
  • C. J. Maiden
  • S. J. Green
  • H. Chin


In an ideally elastic-perfectly plastic material, in which the elastic moduli are constant, a high intensity wave propagating from the impact interface of two flat plates has a two-wave structure as shown in Fig. 1. The elastic wave propagates at velocity
$$\sqrt {{{{\rm{\lambda + 2\mu }}} \over {\rm{\rho }}}} $$
with intensity
$${{{\rm{\lambda + 2\mu }}} \over {{\rm{2\mu }}}}Y$$
where Y is the yield stress of the material in a uniaxial stress test, λ and μ are Lame’s constants, and p is the material density. This is followed by the higher intensity plastic wave travelling at a slower velocity
$$\sqrt {{{{\rm{\lambda + }}\left( {{2 \over 3}} \right){\rm{\mu }}} \over {\rm{\rho }}}} $$


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  • A. H. Jones
    • 1
  • C. J. Maiden
    • 1
  • S. J. Green
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  • H. Chin
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  1. 1.General Motors Technical CenterWarrenUSA

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