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Isolation and Quantification of Neutral and Acidic Steroids in Feces

  • E. H. AhrensJr.
Conference paper
Part of the Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Physiologische Chemie am 28./30. April 1965 in Mosbach/Baden book series (MOSBACH, volume 16)


In the steady state the daily fecal excretion of neutral plus acidic steroids of endogenous origin should approximately equal the daily synthesis of cholesterol in any species in which the intestine is the major route of excretion, as it is in man. This statement is based on our present understanding of a) the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids in the hver and the degradation of neutral and acidic sterols to a multitude of steroidal secondary products within the intestinal lumen (reviewed recently by Danielsson 1);b) the resistance of the ring structure of cholesterol to degradation within the body or by intestinal microorganisms2; and c) the finding in the present study that the ring structure and side chain of the two primary bile acids (in man) also remain intact during passage through the intestine or circulation within the enterohepatic system.


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  • E. H. AhrensJr.
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  1. 1.The Rockefeller UniversityNew YorkUSA

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