Some aspects of iron-deficiency anaemia in India

  • J. B. Chatterjea


Iron deficiency is the most frequent cause of anaemia in India. Factors contributing to the causation of iron deficiency include dietary inadequacy, loss of blood, and malabsorption. Dietary inadequacy manifests itself especially during certain periods of life when iron requirements are increased, e.g. in growing children and child-bearing women. One very important cause of blood loss, particularly operative in certain regions of India, is heavy hookworm infection. An additional factor liable to affect the iron balance is the presence of a considerable amount of phytates and phosphates in the diet, exerting an inhibitory influence on the absorption of iron (Mccance et al., 1943; Hussain and Patwakdhan, 1959). The question of a probable loss of iron due to excessive sweating has also been raised (Foy and Kondi, 1956; Hussain, Patwakdhan, and Seiramachabi, 1960).


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