Electronic Excitation in Ion-Molecule Collisions

  • Sheldon Datz
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 17)


Attempts to connect phenomena occurring in gas phase single collision processes with those taking place on the surface of a solid have led in the past to many fruitful insights. Almost all of the connections made have been with information obtained from two body ion-atom collisions via an intuitive leap to a solid which in some cases may be treated as a molecule with an almost infinite number of atoms. Here we will attempt to introduce some information obtained from single collision processes involving simple molecules and see if this can add useful concepts in dealing with the solid surface. In some cases the connection will be obvious while in some others experiments with solid surfaces analogous to gas phase experiments have not yet been carried out. The discussion is subdivided into three parts: first, high energy collisions where the primary event is predominantly a binary encounter; second, low energy collisions where interactions with the whole molecule must be taken into account; and finally, a comparison of the behavior of positive ion collisions with recently developing studies in the collisions of negative ions with molecules.


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