Summary Report of the Workshop on Polarized Electron Sources and Electron Spin Polarimeters

  • E. Reichert
Conference paper


The workshop was a satellite meeting of the 9th International Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics, Bonn 1990. It was the third in a row of similar workshops organised by Ch.K. Sinclair in Stanford 1983 [1] and in Minneapolis 1988 [2]. About fourty scientists from atomic, solid state, as well as high energy particle physics participated in the meeting. The broad spectrum of different fields of physics represented resulted in lively discussions throughout the workshop. It is hoped that the tradition of bringing together physicists working with polarized electrons in so different research fields, started by Ch.K. Sinclair in the Stanford meeting 1983, will find its contivation in the satellite workshops to come. The first day of the Bonn workshop was devoted to discussions of polarized electron sources mainly while in the second day electron spin polarimetry was the predominant topic. Besides that a few contributions on spin motion in macroscopic electric and magnetic fields were presented.


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