The Modified LR Algorithm for Complex Hessenberg Matrices

  • R. S. Martin
  • J. H. Wilkinson
Part of the Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften book series (GL, volume 186)


The LR algorithm of Rutishauser [3] is based on the observation that if
$$ A = LR $$
where L is unit lower-triangular and R is upper-triangular then B defined by
$$ B = {L^{ - 1}}AL = RL $$
is similar to A. Hence if we write
$$ \matrix{ {{A_s} = {L_s}{R_s},} & {{R_s}{L_s} = {A_{s + 1}},} \cr } $$
a sequence of matrices is obtained each of which is similar to A 1. Rutishauser showed [3, 4, 5] if A 1 has roots of distinct moduli then, in general As tends to upper triangular form, the diagonal elements tending to the roots arranged in order of decreasing modulus. If A 1 has some roots of equal modulus then A s does not tend to strictly triangular form but rather to block-triangular form. Corresponding to a block of k roots of the same modulus there is a diagonal block of order k which does not tend to a limit, but its roots tend to the k eigenvalues.


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  • J. H. Wilkinson

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