A Realization of the Simplex Method Based on Triangular Decompositions

  • R. H. Bartels
  • J. Stoer
  • Ch. Zenger
Part of the Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften book series (GL, volume 186)


Consider the following problem of linear programming
$${\text{Minimize }}{c_{\text{0}}} + {c_{ - m}} {x_{ - m}} + \cdots + {c_{ - 1}}{x_{ - 1}} + {c_1}{x_1} + \cdots + {c_n}{x_n}$$
subject to
$${x_{ - i}} + \sum\limits_{k = 1}^n {a{a_{ik}}{x_k} = {b_i},{\text{ }}i{\text{ = 1,2,}} \ldots {\text{,}}m{\text{,}}} $$
$$ {x_i} \geqq 0{\text{ for }}i \in {I^ + },{\text{ }}{x_i} = 0{\text{ for }}i \in {I^0}, $$
where I +, I 0, I ± are disjoint index sets with
$${I^ + } \cup {I^0} \cup {I^ \pm } = N: = \{ i| - m \leqq i \leqq - 1,1 \leqq i \leqq n\} .$$
The variable x i is called a nonnegative (zero, free) variable if i∈I + (i∈I 0, i∈I)±.


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  • J. Stoer
  • Ch. Zenger

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