The Definition of a Germinal Center Area as Distinct from the Thymus-Dependent Area in the Lymphoid Tissue of the Mouse

  • M. A. B. de Sousa
  • D. M. V. Parrott


It has been observed recently that lymphocyte depletion, often cited as a characteristic of neonatally thymectomized animals, was confined to certain specific areas (thymus-dependent areas) in the lymphoid organs of the mouse, namely around the central arteriole within the splenic follicle and the mid and deep cortex of the lymph nodes (Parrott, De Sousa, and East, 1966). By contrast, the rest of the follicle in the spleen and the outer cortical zone of the lymph nodes, where germinal center development normally occurs, remained primarily uninfluenced by the effects of thymectomy.


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