• Flemming Bo Pedersen
Part of the Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies book series (COASTAL, volume 18)


The explosive economic growth, which was initiated in the early 60’s, has left its mark on the hydraulic engineering design, evaluation, and advise in a wide spectrum of environmental problems. Especially, the Scandinavian countries with their many island, fjords, and lakes offer a great challenge to the hydraulic engineering of lakes, reservoirs, coastal and estuary hydraulics with respect to
  • Pollution — (domestic and industrial waste water, cooling water, oil spill, agricultural manuring etc.)

  • Water management — (drinking water, industrial water, irrigation, hydropower etc.)

  • Navigation — (currents, ice formation, shoaling, erosion-involving dredging, protection works etc.)

  • Floods — (forecasting, dikes, regulation of discharges)

  • Traffic — (tunnels, bridges, harbours etc.)

  • Offshore activities — (coastal currents and eddies, ice drift, blow-outs etc.)

  • Fishing — (currents, salinity/ temperature, oxygen content, formation of fronts).


Explosive Stratification Manure Fishing Geophysics 


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