Qualitative Behavior of the Solutions of Periodic First Order Scalar Differential Equations with Strictly Convex Coercive Nonlinearity

  • J. Mawhin
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 37)


It has been proved in [4] that if f: ℝ × ℝ → ℝ is continuous, f(., u) is T-periodic for each u ∈ ℝ, f(x,.) is strictly convex on ℝ for each x ∈ ℝ, and if f(x,.) is uniformly coercive, i.e.
$$ f(x,u) \to + \infty as|u| \to \infty $$
uniformly in x ∈ ℝ, then there exists s1 ∈ ℝ such that the equation
$$ \{ u\} '(x) + f(x,u(x)) = s $$
has exactly zero, one or two T-periodic solutions according to s < s1, s = s1 or s > s1. The aim of this note is to complete the result by getting a fairly complete picture of the trajectoires of (1) under the same assumptions upon f.


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